Monday, March 24, 2014

Operation: Shit Disturb The Public


What is happening now in the public arena is that major corporations in league with the NSA -- among other spy networks -- are silencing any dissent against the government. Not to mention Communist China's censoring of the Internet and other countries outright blocking YouTube altogether. More and more now people's YouTube channels are being deleted and they are trying to aggravate the so-called "truth" movement.

Edward Snowden (PSYOP) was to make the general public upset about their privacy being invaded. This is to create a civil unrest, formulated by the private sectors of government. This in turn will cause an overt war on the general public.

Take a deep breath, it's all being done on purpose to create chaos so they can have a reason to instil more of a police state. It's at a slow boiling point thus far. But panic and outrage can incite trouble. Though consequences for these types of things would be revolutions, like small ones that are occurring around the planet. Why is America so slow moving? Well, the people are made docile and limp to reaction. They will continue bothering people with half-truths, or The Plain Old Truth for a long time unfortunately. Until, you know, it becomes out of hand for people.

People can't think clearly because of all the drugs and chemicals that are put in the food and into the air, and because of fluoride (which is radioactive) rotting their brains.

The plan to systematically soft-kill people, through making everything toxic and for us to all of a sudden react when they want us to is obviously a fuck up. Choose one, you can't have both. Slow, dimwitted people would rather veg-out on their couches than fight civil wars. But things are being blasted at us at an unmeasurable rate. And war is not the answer.

I opt-out of the mass hysteria being drilled by the MSM (mainstream media) and the poisoned food. Unfortunately this shit is all over the place. I just try to keep my mind clear and be thoughtful.

They do not want healthy, thinking people. The true revolution would be to Be One.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Are These Dating Site Profile Photos Alluring To You?

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This is sad, give me a break.


This is sad, give me a break. (What the fuck? Fucking hilarious!)

I'm sure they're wonderful people, but is this supposed to be desirable?

I keep thinking about girls' stinkholes. I know, I'm sick, but it's so reduced to that now. What if they really NEED anal bleaching? You'll never know, unless you know. This is shallow isn't it? I don't mean to be, I just have some major phobia issues.

I feel pretty far-gone when it comes to women now, I'm not really interested in humans at all actually. Or being one. I'm that monk on the mountain, without the mountain. Or the monastery. I'm very detached, so detached. Yet still very opinionated on reality. Why does reality stink? Ugh.

Do I have any more examples of tragic photos like these? Good question. Too many. Stay tuned for part 2.

Or don't.

Oh yeah, and I really don't talk to people online that much now. There's just too much humor in everything sucking so much, so I just had to share. New year, but same suck, ya know? Extra bland this year. Just like every following year, hey, hey-hey, see the pattern?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Smartphones Will Replace Sex


By Henry Makow Ph.D.

While men use smartphones for business, women turn to them to fulfill their emotional needs. You see them on the streets making love to their phones. Their expressions reflect the urgency, desire and satisfaction that used to be reserved for sex. Women are discovering that "relationship maintenance" is far more satisfying than hookups, anal intercourse and other forms of modern sex.

The sight of so many women with faces and ears glued to phones gives rise to another futuristic vision: Wireless-controlled & dispatched women. Some day, women will receive instructions governing every aspect of their lives and thought.

There is enough eye candy here to give a man diabetes. Some of these young women have made it their job to look like ethereal young goddesses. They are so self conscious and self-reverent, they make you feel your glance might tarnish their perfection. I get more pleasure ignoring them and catching their reaction out of the corner of my eye. Their vanity and insecurity knows no bounds.

The postmodern metropolis resembles the aftermath of a Mongol raid where the barbarians (Khazars?) have broken down the doors and forced the women to leave their kitchens and nurseries and congregate in the town square and side streets. There, they were instructed to get professional degrees and jobs in online marketing. Everywhere you go, you see hoards of young women wandering aimlessly. There is no peace for them, no place.

At the same time, you feel that if a man made them a decent offer, and told them to quit whining, they'd gladly return to the home where they belong. They display their toned thighs through skin-tight leggings practically begging a good man to father their children and make women out of them again.

Well said, sir. Women must remember their roles, or wander the earth aimlessly...with their smartphones. True or not? 

Well, one thing is for sure, people are being made and engineered to be way too confused sexually. The earth's well is being poisoned with all kinds of propaganda and madness; women are men now, men are women, men are too sensitive, women are too fucking masculine...topsy-turvy mess of it all.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Boring Future

Let's hear now from what a futurist has to say, since nobody will listen to me about this type of thing. Unless I have a fucking degree or something, shit.

What I'd like to see is the end of capitalism and the beginning of the human race investing in a better quality of life, and I want everyone to go into space and be explorers, not exploring their smartphones.

News Of Late

Comet ISON Oct 08 2013

So, comet Ison, I Anyway, it will cause a bit of debris to fall into earth, who cares. Nothing to worry about. There's been mainstream news hoopla and spin on it, and it'll probably amount to nothing like usual. They could even make up that it caused damage to satellites or whatever, but apparently they're protected against any type of space debris. And Ison has swung around the sun and it's gone supposedly. If alien piggy-backers were taking a ride on it maybe they are now closing in on invading earth, but probably not.

1984 google big brother

Google minus, uh, I mean plus, the Google + social network has creeped into YouTube now because nobody liked it before, and they wanted to have some sort of capital from it, this is how a business works. Also, if they want to turn YouTube into a police state with everything being censored and monitored and interconnected with itself, then it's their problem because they'll probably lose revenue. 


In other news, Jesus still won't return any time soon, even in the form of a comet. In related news, the Catholic church misspelled Jesus on gold coins for the new pope Francis by spelling "Lesus" on them instead and they all were beheaded for it. (True story, except for the beheadings). And the earth is boring the shit out of me, so, like always I resort back into my meditation and my own space.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Images I've Found Funny

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This can't be real, but hey, maybe sluts do like Ramen noodles. Never tried to offer them that.

But this looks like more fun even.

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That's not pleasurable, at all. Okay? Maybe to Asians? I don't know.

Then this happened..

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"Yeah, and I went out shopping today and got my claws done, then I ate a stegosaurus. I'm so full!"

Get ready for a random-roll:

Michael Jackson with two, itty-bitty people gettin' drunk.

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Frankenstein eating toast.

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And, no comment.

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Orgasms Bore Me Now

boring sex


Now let's see what the Internet has to say about all of this boring orgasm business.

Yahoo! Answers:

"A lot of people say that male orgasms are boring and weak, that they feel EXACTLY the same every time and the only difference is the intensity of the build-up, that female orgasms must be much more intense because they often cause the rest of the body to react, etc. What do you think of all this?"
Yeah, you bloody called it for me. It's always the same feeling, just slightly different in intensity sometimes, rarely, mostly the same damn feeling that I could care less about now. And women have better orgasms, sure, but maybe not all?

Thought Catalog comment on boring story about teen girl bored with orgasms:

"I'm an 18 year old girl and I've been masturbating for...6 years now? My problem is not with sex but with orgasms themselves. Having an orgasm is not the fireworks the media promises. It's boring. I do it mindlessly like this author, while I'm reading or alone or watching a show...eventually I open up porn and get off quickly and x-out and forget about it."

She sounds like a dude.

I find it mindless as fuck also. And like blowing your nose (as a male) just to get it over with, and get that gunk out. Too much build up can make you get blue-balled or worse, wet dreams! I can't afford doing laundry all the time, plus I stop myself from ejaculating in dreams, I have harenessed this ability.

Sex is fun and all, but the payoff is never worth it for me, I leave without even cumming most of the time. These young girls seem to cum really fast, and I'm like, are you sure? Really? Okay, well, I could keep going and then get bored I guess. You're done, so I'm done, fuck it. Or stop with fucking it. Stop fucking.