Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Talk Talk - Talk Talk

Less talk, more love action. XXOO ♡ ♡ ♡

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

An Apology (Finally)

I forgive you. If you stop with your cellphone masturbation.

Which reminds me, this girl sat down beside me on the train, she started to text and I'm thinking, is this your version of flirting with me? Is this what you call foreplay? Yuck!

But you know no better, so I have to forgive you all.

Coming from me, not a millennial, the future is a big fucking disappointment. But the millennials don't give a fuck enough to change it. Indifference has ruined the planet, but regardless, I hope you all have a very blessed life. And remember to give other people love when you can. ♡

I have learned in my time of blogging (ranting really) that it's better to be For things, like goodness and love than to be against things, like the nasty Nazis who've infiltrated everything. They're all mind controlled zombies and they will eventually stop their silly behavior, because it is all very silly and pointless in the end.

There is a game on this planet; the duality game, and it's always good Vs. evil, but evil disguises itself as good and the evil represented is something that eventually gets discarded for another false threat. It's a game and a tired one, we need to evolve and become free. Divine goodness and divine love baby, no compromising! Learn to discern.

Stay true.

Monday, July 7, 2014

90s Nostalgia

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The 90s: When country music was extremely popular, when people stopped wearing much makeup and it was about the natural look, when things got as drab as ever and boring - I remember having to watch a Television show about a fishing company - when baggy clothing became the norm (YUCK). Culture-sample it all you want, there isn't much, thankfully.

If Andy Warhol was psychic he would have said: In the future everything you have seen before will be parodied, and anybody can be famous and then swiftly become unfamous, so it's not as important anymore.

It's not important at all. The Hollywood dream should have died..in the 90s.

Success doesn't mean fame. Its unimportance is showcased on Television all the time by how miserable these people are when they have it, plus on the same note they still are glorifying it. Only because of their corporate masters. "I hate my fucking life, I can't go anywhere without being harassed! I always shop at -insert whatever here- to cheer me up, I just pay with my credit card!"


Let's change this brain pattern, let's evolve. Let's do New things.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Inappropriate Boners

akward boners

This is why I don't like sports. No, I just don't like sports. They're so fucking gay! I'm never around guys and touch them like these so-called straight men do. So, quit calling Me a fag!

So anyway, it came to my attention by a girl that men get hard at the worst times. Maybe when there's fights going on, possibly, emotional stirs. Yes, it happens, boners happen.

I find it interesting that this girl who has an aversion to those bad-timing boners, bothers with men at all.

Don't all men get inappropriate boners? I do.

I used to get them when my girlfriend was crying, not out of incompassion, but because of the emotion emanating from her and her vulnerability -- possibly that the most -- and how I wanted to give her love and compassion. Love gives me a hard on. I'm happy it does too.

Well, I don't think I've had a boner at a funeral, but I'm sure the corpse isn't the only one in the room who is hard. Men get boners when they look at women in public all the time, so, it doesn't take much. And maybe that's why a lot of men wear baggy pants. Not because they look like a sad sack, but because they want to hide their boners.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The New Batman Looks Like Fatman

ben affleck batman image color 597x600

What's in his utility belt, pizza? Jelly beans? Ben Affleck (horrible decision to choose for Batman) is supposed to play a more "seasoned' Batman supposedly. Seasoned how, with steroids?

The costume and character is more based on (totally taken from) Frank Miller's the Dark Knight Returns graphic novel, where a tired and old Batman puts on his cape and cowl for one last hoorah to save the day, and guarantee himself an ego boost. Blah. I used to think Batman was alright, now he's going to be old, and fat and shit. Will he tell Alfred, "don't worry about the sandwich, I'll get drive-thru"? He actually fucking said that, in Batman Forever. Back then people would laugh, and nowadays people would laugh. But fanboys would cry.

His tiny bat-ears must be a metaphor for erectile dysfunction. We get it, he's supposed to be old!

Supposedly the worst thing to happen to the Batsuit in the past movies was bat-nipples. Really? Maybe they were trying to get him to appeal to transvestites, that demographic is huge in Hollywood, probably. But, no. (Yes, men have nipples, but showing them is not a manly Batman thing to do).

The ploy of having Batman in a new Superman movie is just a giant cash grab, like always, like those new Spiderman movies. Sony wanted to keep the rights to Spiderman, so they started those new movies. I told fanboys not to expect much from them because of this, and whenever I post any of my comments about these superheros on YouTube I get like tons of fanboys aggressively jabbering at me.

There's really no point anymore, a lot of them don't see reason.

I have a theory about this new Batman vs. Superman movie. Since nothing worked for DC (Green Lantern) they got desperate and decided to go an entirely new direction with Superman. Nobody was interested in the last modern Superman movie, so they went bizarro. Yeah, Man of Steel was a bizarro Superman movie. If you're unfamiliar with that comic book storyline, on Seinfeld Jerry explains it pretty well.

Superman does not kill, ever, yet in Man of Steel he does. Plus, he acts like a jerk too.

Now you can see the direction of where Batman (Fatman) is headed. It's just..bizarro. And, Lex Luther as some nerd. Ugh. Throw in the towel or cowl, DC. But, the new Superman movie feat the Caped Old Man will grab moviegoers attention, despite being very stupid.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Oral Pleasure

sex and zen3 thumb 300xauto 24063

So, I haven't really done cunnilingus in a long time. Last time I wanted to it turned out that the girl was having a yeast infection. I didn't really want to put my mouth on that. Yeah, I figure there's a lot of yeast down there, maybe it's not good for me anymore.

They never tell you how gross sex is in sexual education, or do they? I don't remember. I was asleep during most of..all of school.

Porn doesn't do it for me anymore. If I see a man eating out a girl it's so creepy looking. Like, he flicks his tongue around in a very animal-like manor. Pshaw.

There's such an illusion to porn, because you can't smell it. Sex is so fucking smelly, jeez. Shower sex is pretty cool, what am I talking about? Oh yeah, oral sex. Getting head in the shower is cool. Why is it different? Uh, I don't know, it is..

This is kind of a filler post. I don't have much to say. I'm having difficulty meeting people to connect with. I get turned off now if they're dumb, also. Even if they are good looking, it doesn't matter. If I felt a strong connection, I'd do oral pleasure for them. I'm not just going to lick any hole, like some dog. Oh wait, they sniff holes. Well, I wont just sniff any butt either. Even though every time I go out it pretty much smells like butt.

Well, I'm charming, it's insane that I haven't met someone! Actually I was dating this girl who is Asian, and like most Asian girls she didn't shave, so I wasn't into it. We didn't have much in common anyway.

I think she gave me a yeast infection.

I bought some organic virgin coconut oil and I put it on my dick, and it seemed to work. (And my dick smelled like coconut). Was I sure it was a yeast infection? No, but it wasn't anything else, because I got checked out. Maybe my dick wasn't compatible because I'm white? I don't know. (Racist joke).

She said I fucked like a teenager. I bet she always says that. I didn't cum though, I have a habit now of not even bothering, since I figure these things won't last. Maybe that provides more of a reason to cum, but I'm like weird that way, I just can last and I don't see the point sometimes. I can't even relate with other guys.

I can't even meet any people to talk with online anymore. Wow, this turned depressing.

Yeah, oral sex, the kids are into it. They blow bubble gum into it, into the girl's vagina hole. That's probably how she got her yeast infection.