Wednesday, June 21, 2017


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Is humanity on probation? Just about everyone now is being scanned and tracked in some way. The new passports (I don't have one) and it's biometrics, now finger prints required as you cross the border and when leaving the country by plane, and re-entry into the country. And if you get arrested. Which I call abductions. Because they are, and they're often unwarranted and illegal. Also, there's all the smartphone biometric aps. There's every bloody camera in the street taking your photo, analyzing it and matching it to your ID, that's already on file. Photos are constantly being taken. Police can take your DNA without your permission and other biometrics. It's very disgusting.

It's all rape.

They just want as much information as possible. Biometrics are not perfect, in fact they aren't foolproof at all, and not better than a password for that use and the excuse being made. I don't buy any of what they say, none of this is to protect you. In a way, you always have an alibi since you're constantly monitored. That is one positive, just one. Though, the fact that children are getting used to being finger print scanned at their schools now is very Big Brother society. And in Canada, when pot is legal, which is in a year or so, they will swab people's mouths when they are getting a speeding ticket, another way to get people's DNA on file.

Never insert technology into your body. That's the worst. Don't become it, of your own choice. This is obvious to a lot of people though. People do get chipped, but it's not of their knowing, it's harassment, it goes beyond intrusion. Technology can be used for good, of course it can. But at what cost? It's your freedom. Freedom is in your mind. Stay free in your mind and no one can hurt you. Your body is private to you, of course, but it's not the most important thing if you are a spiritual being. If you do not practice this new techno-society; the ritual of getting scanned at work or wherever, and/or using the new tech when there is still alternatives available, if you're not participating in the madness of all of it, then this is the way. Everything else that is happening is done against your rights. Don't disparage, everyone has conformed in the past to some degree or another, but it's not you, it's not your person, it's just the strawman you, the public you, this doesn't have any bearing on you as you truly are as a spiritual being.

Face this horror with love. Face things with love. Don't go any further into this techno-society, it's not worth it. Use the power of no and form committees against all this spyware. Don't conform to the practice of using biometrics, they are everywhere now and it seems impossible, but stay strong, don't beat yourself up for making any mistakes in the past, just discontinue the practice of getting scanned in some way or another, there are so many types of scans now. Traveling has become a bitch, they do full body scans at times, that gets a lot of information in one shot. But, it has to be repeated, they want fresh information, all the time. So, do your best not to have that happen.

The DNA thing - what, are they genetically engineering monsters? Frankenstein monsters of people with all the DNA they have collected? I mean, STOLLEN. Most of this is to create the sense of being watched. And in terms of DNA, it can get damaged easily. Like I've said, stop giving them more and a lot of this is fear-mongering to the public, I'm just giving the facts. I have seen all of this going on now, among the bliss-ignorant and the aware, and the aware are pretty pissed off, like I am. I want children to be free and adults to be free. Technology has imposed on our lives. Some of it helpful, but most of it is not worth it. Considering it's to form a techno police-state. People have been on government files and databases for a very long time, this is nothing new. It's all just out in the open now. The externalization of the hierarchy, which I don't refer to as higher placed people, upper-crust, more like the bottom feeders, the low morals of these "people", or psychopaths, or creatures - whatever. I still have compassion, empathy and love to give to them when they are ready to unconfuse themselves and understand that we are all a part of a greater thing, and we must respect each other because they're a part of you.

We have to get rid of the fear and stigma that all this spyware can cause us. However, I can't stand being filmed every time I go outside. People need their bliss-ignorance pills, by the dozens. Popping those bliss-ignorance capsules just to get by. Hey, I need a stiff drink, intoxicant often myself. We're all so vulnerable. But we have the choice to opt out of this type of control when we can. The truth is scary, how these people in certain positions in the establishment - most of them in the world now - think they own you. It's fucking disgusting and would creep anyone out how much information they have on the public. They want to know what sandwiches you eat even, because that's marketing shit. And how many times you floss or masturbate. What the fuck? They're making an algorithm out of your daily life, of mostly droll and information that is quite useless other than to just spy on you and who you are connected to. Who would want this job? A person having the job of monitoring someone else, to this scale, is either of extremely low morals or a machine following programming.

Machines are worse than somebody evil, because they only perform actions and cannot think about those action's effects. It's not in the programming. A machine, it's worse than any human you can come across. Don't wait for Skynet to become fully operational, stop using this horrible technology while you can. It's infused into everything now, almost, I understand that. But we can do what we can. Do the best that you can. It's good enough for me. Don't let them put the fear in you. It's just a game, a duality game (avoid polarizing arguments, it puts people in boxes). Non-duality is oneness, of our higher spiritual selves, the universal oneness. Not the unity of computer databanks and world order, the machine kingdom, or the plastic so-called paradise, it won't last.

Don't become a machine-rider, be who you are, a spirit-soarer. Soaring high above this crap.

Don't practice the system. Don't Scan Me Bro! Let your heart shine and let it shine for others, people need positive guidance. Stay positive, it protects you. Do yourself a favor, be spontaneous, be unpredictable, it confuses the system, it bypasses it's programming. It's just a simple machine. I don't care what Wired magazine or Technology today and the propaganda behind it are telling you, there's nothing more powerful than your true self and your connection to the universe as super-conciousness.

They want to make a silly, knock-off version with inferior technology. Don't buy into it. It's bullshit.

It's the ultimate bullshit. Do you remember 1990s virtual reality? It's that awful in comparison.    

I have good blessings towards those who want a better future, who want a better society, a stronger and freer society. Not dependent on machines. Dependent on love for your fellow person. The freedom of choice, and the freedom from choice. Each being allowing themselves the freedom to create. We are beings of great creation abilities and we can't let the machine get us down.

Ignore the machine.

Face things with love. Most importantly, any ugliness.

Stay positive, it protects you.

Be a divine rebel, against this tyranny. Represent divine love and light. The lost and confused and their control problem will one day rejoin the divine light. It will happen. Show them the way of the heart and the sound mind, no matter what.

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    The amount of radiation it produces is insanity. I wrote an entire post about it but my laptop ate it. How convenient. Anyway, Help Humanity and be against 5G. I thought I was a part of the revolution generation, NOT the radiation generation!

    I don't use a cellphone and soon I won't use wifi at all. Invest in orgone and use aluminum mesh to put around your wifi router/modem. And neutralize any smart meter.

    5G is a weapon. And people need to stand up against this threat to humanity.

    Much love and take care.