Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mamma Mia!


Movie "synopsis": The year is 2017, society has become a wasteland, people no longer go out unless they have to. Cellular phone transmissions have kidnapped people's minds. No longer do they seek the communion of others, but to watch what is on Netflix, or to scroll Facebook endlessly, and to check out foodies on Pinterest. An outdated thing called Twitter is used by the government, as a way to put out disinformation into the already soft, vegetable foodie, vegetable smoothie minds of the population. One person stands up, on to a pile of old abandoned Television sets and says; "What the fuck has happened to all the people?!" People have become static silhouettes, around them are these auric radiation fields that have smothered them. Oh mother! Can this man, or woman, or non-binary -whatever, find the answer to who hacked his Netflix account and is using it? I mean, can he, or she (or..) save people from themselves..and boredom? Find out what happens when tired of Netflix -and the movies they make, they're really bad, especially YouTube movies, they're really shit- and everything has become banal-porn. Who will save them all? Can they learn to order pizza with a regular landline phone again? Find out, in this year's most thrilling scifi thrill ride, so will thrill you!

It's too bad that they all went
In a theater near you
In 3D
Using the latest technology

; )

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