Wednesday, June 21, 2017


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Is humanity on probation? Just about everyone now is being scanned and tracked in some way. The new passports (I don't have one) and it's biometrics, now finger prints required as you cross the border and when leaving the country by plane, and re-entry into the country. And if you get arrested. Which I call abductions. Because they are, and they're often unwarranted and illegal. Also, there's all the smartphone biometric aps. There's every bloody camera in the street taking your photo, analyzing it and matching it to your ID, that's already on file. Photos are constantly being taken. Police can take your DNA without your permission and other biometrics. It's very disgusting.

It's all rape.

They just want as much information as possible. Biometrics are not perfect, in fact they aren't foolproof at all, and not better than a password for that use and the excuse being made. I don't buy any of what they say, none of this is to protect you. In a way, you always have an alibi since you're constantly monitored. That is one positive, just one. Though, the fact that children are getting used to being finger print scanned at their schools now is very Big Brother society. And in Canada, when pot is legal, which is in a year or so, they will swab people's mouths when they are getting a speeding ticket, another way to get people's DNA on file.

Never insert technology into your body. That's the worst. Don't become it, of your own choice. This is obvious to a lot of people though. People do get chipped, but it's not of their knowing, it's harassment, it goes beyond intrusion. Technology can be used for good, of course it can. But at what cost? It's your freedom. Freedom is in your mind. Stay free in your mind and no one can hurt you. Your body is private to you, of course, but it's not the most important thing if you are a spiritual being. If you do not practice this new techno-society; the ritual of getting scanned at work or wherever, and/or using the new tech when there is still alternatives available, if you're not participating in the madness of all of it, then this is the way. Everything else that is happening is done against your rights. Don't disparage, everyone has conformed in the past to some degree or another, but it's not you, it's not your person, it's just the strawman you, the public you, this doesn't have any bearing on you as you truly are as a spiritual being.

Face this horror with love. Face things with love. Don't go any further into this techno-society, it's not worth it. Use the power of no and form committees against all this spyware. Don't conform to the practice of using biometrics, they are everywhere now and it seems impossible, but stay strong, don't beat yourself up for making any mistakes in the past, just discontinue the practice of getting scanned in some way or another, there are so many types of scans now. Traveling has become a bitch, they do full body scans at times, that gets a lot of information in one shot. But, it has to be repeated, they want fresh information, all the time. So, do your best not to have that happen.

The DNA thing - what, are they genetically engineering monsters? Frankenstein monsters of people with all the DNA they have collected? I mean, STOLLEN. Most of this is to create the sense of being watched. And in terms of DNA, it can get damaged easily. Like I've said, stop giving them more and a lot of this is fear-mongering to the public, I'm just giving the facts. I have seen all of this going on now, among the bliss-ignorant and the aware, and the aware are pretty pissed off, like I am. I want children to be free and adults to be free. Technology has imposed on our lives. Some of it helpful, but most of it is not worth it. Considering it's to form a techno police-state. People have been on government files and databases for a very long time, this is nothing new. It's all just out in the open now. The externalization of the hierarchy, which I don't refer to as higher placed people, upper-crust, more like the bottom feeders, the low morals of these "people", or psychopaths, or creatures - whatever. I still have compassion, empathy and love to give to them when they are ready to unconfuse themselves and understand that we are all a part of a greater thing, and we must respect each other because they're a part of you.

We have to get rid of the fear and stigma that all this spyware can cause us. However, I can't stand being filmed every time I go outside. People need their bliss-ignorance pills, by the dozens. Popping those bliss-ignorance capsules just to get by. Hey, I need a stiff drink, intoxicant often myself. We're all so vulnerable. But we have the choice to opt out of this type of control when we can. The truth is scary, how these people in certain positions in the establishment - most of them in the world now - think they own you. It's fucking disgusting and would creep anyone out how much information they have on the public. They want to know what sandwiches you eat even, because that's marketing shit. And how many times you floss or masturbate. What the fuck? They're making an algorithm out of your daily life, of mostly droll and information that is quite useless other than to just spy on you and who you are connected to. Who would want this job? A person having the job of monitoring someone else, to this scale, is either of extremely low morals or a machine following programming.

Machines are worse than somebody evil, because they only perform actions and cannot think about those action's effects. It's not in the programming. A machine, it's worse than any human you can come across. Don't wait for Skynet to become fully operational, stop using this horrible technology while you can. It's infused into everything now, almost, I understand that. But we can do what we can. Do the best that you can. It's good enough for me. Don't let them put the fear in you. It's just a game, a duality game (avoid polarizing arguments, it puts people in boxes). Non-duality is oneness, of our higher spiritual selves, the universal oneness. Not the unity of computer databanks and world order, the machine kingdom, or the plastic so-called paradise, it won't last.

Don't become a machine-rider, be who you are, a spirit-soarer. Soaring high above this crap.

Don't practice the system. Don't Scan Me Bro! Let your heart shine and let it shine for others, people need positive guidance. Stay positive, it protects you. Do yourself a favor, be spontaneous, be unpredictable, it confuses the system, it bypasses it's programming. It's just a simple machine. I don't care what Wired magazine or Technology today and the propaganda behind it are telling you, there's nothing more powerful than your true self and your connection to the universe as super-conciousness.

They want to make a silly, knock-off version with inferior technology. Don't buy into it. It's bullshit.

It's the ultimate bullshit. Do you remember 1990s virtual reality? It's that awful in comparison.    

I have good blessings towards those who want a better future, who want a better society, a stronger and freer society. Not dependent on machines. Dependent on love for your fellow person. The freedom of choice, and the freedom from choice. Each being allowing themselves the freedom to create. We are beings of great creation abilities and we can't let the machine get us down.

Ignore the machine.

Face things with love. Most importantly, any ugliness.

Stay positive, it protects you.

Be a divine rebel, against this tyranny. Represent divine love and light. The lost and confused and their control problem will one day rejoin the divine light. It will happen. Show them the way of the heart and the sound mind, no matter what.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mamma Mia!


Movie "synopsis": The year is 2017, society has become a wasteland, people no longer go out unless they have to. Cellular phone transmissions have kidnapped people's minds. No longer do they seek the communion of others, but to watch what is on Netflix, or to scroll Facebook endlessly, and to check out foodies on Pinterest. An outdated thing called Twitter is used by the government, as a way to put out disinformation into the already soft, vegetable foodie, vegetable smoothie minds of the population. One person stands up, on to a pile of old abandoned Television sets and says; "What the fuck has happened to all the people?!" People have become static silhouettes, around them are these auric radiation fields that have smothered them. Oh mother! Can this man, or woman, or non-binary -whatever, find the answer to who hacked his Netflix account and is using it? I mean, can he, or she (or..) save people from themselves..and boredom? Find out what happens when tired of Netflix -and the movies they make, they're really bad, especially YouTube movies, they're really shit- and everything has become banal-porn. Who will save them all? Can they learn to order pizza with a regular landline phone again? Find out, in this year's most thrilling scifi thrill ride, so will thrill you!

It's too bad that they all went
In a theater near you
In 3D
Using the latest technology

; )

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

When The Tape Runs Out

world tape

A lot of crazy things have happened in the mainstreamverse in the last year. All the politickle jazz and celebrity deaths. Which could be debated real or not. I don't want to recap. I don't want to manifest any more shittiness here.

The really beautiful, golden sunrise surprise of all of that election-circus-hoopla, was the dismantling of the lamestream media's credibility. That was awesome! Donald Chump had said that the mainstream media lies out their ass and he was outspoken of there being a rigged election against him - pretty darn interesting. Hmm, makes you think. Just getting that discussion OUT THERE man, is a positive. The MSM being pro Hillary Clinton clone just shows how frigging biased and awful the mainstream news is. It's just your daily dose of cancer, really.

"Fake News" accusations becoming a meme by the MSM, couldn't be anything more hypocritical of TeLievision than that. Laugh out loud, come on. You're pulling my leg right? Funny times we're in.

A lot of people have seen through this, ages ago. It's nothing new, it's just, wakey-wakey to the common folk out there. Time to wake up and reclaim your life from these clowns. Clowning you..with the "news". I don't think there's any real investigative journalists at all anymore, aside from people on Reddit. Those guys really do a lot of field research, with a great group effort to boot. That's one smart think tank.

I didn't even know what to say about last year. I don't support Trump, or any leaders of multinational corporations. I don't support public figures, I only sometimes use their advice. I mostly just support freethinking itself. And going beyond 2D think. Some people can't even go beyond 1D think. Get them some help.

Speaking about people who need help, it's most definitely those social justice warriors, they act like they are immune to logic. You just shrug your shoulders, because discussions among people should be civilized and not a contest to find out who has the loudest voice in the room. I find it all extremely aggressive and shitty lower energy. Civil rights and demanding them, yeah, I understand the importance. But logic is always going to win, so saying your piece with an open heart and not with an angered sore bum is suggested. Just a suggestion. Kids today, like I've said before, sure are lacking love. And they've never been told No, by their parents. So, temper tantrums and emotional arguing has become a political thing now. The rise again of PC police is quite annoying, when political correctness was always an attack on freedom of speech. I've already spent the 90s decade ignoring it (I'm offended by it, haha). It's used to not hurt other people's feelings now, when logic doesn't care about people's feelings (thanks Ben Shapiro for coining that). I'm very objective when I speak about facts with people and I try to assure them to not take what I think about it personal. Let's try to be objective here, these are just opinions, not fists or bullets. Although the pen is said to be mightier than the sword. Maybe once, long ago when people were more rational.

I don't want to address isms too much, because if men want to hate women and woman want to hate men, and the white race is deemed privileged and others are not, and nobody wants to get along, then everyone's fucked because that's how it'll work out. We all need to get along for the greater good, but it's something some people have difficulty with because of their pathological narcissism, and always thinking of themselves First. I could rag on the millennials again - or the thin-skinned "snowflake generation" - saying it's mostly them. But self-centered entitled people have existed before they came around. There's just more of them now. When I thought they would have gone away, boy was I wrong. I thought people would have gotten over the popularity contest and evolve by now, but I guess it was wishful thinking. I thought malls would have been done away with by now too, call me delusional.

On that note, dating is bullshit, like, dead. It's dead for me. Technology really gave the narcissist an instant fix, working for nothing and needing no one. Many women, or girls, not ladies, say that they don't need men. So fuck it, if feminism freed women from men, then it freed men from the responsibility and obligation to women. Now men can work on themselves more and be freer than they ever have been. And I don't think we'd want to return back to relationships. Men going their own way is something I can relate with. I take it further, a soul going it's own way. A truly free spirit. If romantic relationships worked I would vouch for them. I think having friends and love for all people, not all in a sexual way though, is fine. You can have sex with some of them, whatever. Just don't break any hearts while you're at it.

Try not to trouble yourselves with the madness of this world. This place is a freewill zone and strange things can happen in a freewill zone. Try to focus on good things if you can and that can be your salvation. You don't need to be, lalala, with your ears plugged. You can be conscious, just unaffected. Your emotions are a Lie, try to remember that. Higher Feelings are where it's at and knowing the difference. Too many people are slaves to their emotions. What you think and what you feel is largely controlled by you, once you realize that you can free yourself. Of course, there are others trying to influence you. So, be easy on yourself! Humans aren't prefect and The Truth is really just experience. Alan Watts said, "let yourself have the freedom to make mistakes". And if you want to skip some major waste of time mistakes, be a great tuner, learn to tune out the crap-talk of others. Are they empowering you or not? Is their speech at all productive to you? Are they gaslighting SOBs? - I've had to cut off those types - should be a question to ask yourself. Of course, I wouldn't want a narcissist or a psychopath to have more power. I'm obviously talking to the people who want to hear this, I hope anyway. I don't even like the word hope, it's dogshit. 

I believe my message of empowering the free-spirited people will be received.

When all the total garbage of this world takes a long overdue retirement and this scripted media lie of a life's tape runs out. Don't worry about it. You'll be fine. Here's a hug man. Hug*

A lot of people I knew online and from blogs and YouTube are dead it seems, I found out. Yeah. It's hard to know what to think about it. But it's fishy as fuck. It's sad, but I still believe in you out there and I believe in myself.

Oh yeah, I have to call this, Trump is President Verbal Diarrhea. I actually saw his Twitter posts and they're a total nightmare. One thing is for sure, I've never seen a president like This guy. It's almost refreshing, if it wasn't a part of the narrative of the script.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Blunt Truth

Great interview. Take good things from it. Yeaaaahhh, she says Fuck a lot, but don't be too judge-mental if you can.

Breathe in, breathe out. Truly be in the moment by recognizing you're there. All the bullshit aside.

It's a static dream this reality, but we can change Us in it and how we perceive it. That's powerful.

Friday, September 30, 2016

A Man And A Woman

Love one is love all. Think about that when you are with your significant other.

This song inspired me to make a new post. I know I don't do it often. I would like to, though I feel compelled to only speak to you when there is something worthwhile, or amusing to say.

The man singing, John Foxx, is one of my favorite musicians. He started early synthwave music with his band Ultravox, he fused electro with 70s rock music. You can hear how versed he is in musicology. He's just a genius to me and I have a major mancrush on him.

This song, done by The Maths, is just beautiful, it's fantasticzone. My former self would say that. I'm getting nostalgic over my past self, which wasn't that long ago, but you'll understand this soon. That our other-selves are merging right now. We're living in a very amazing time, despite what the media may portray.

I am very grateful for the people who read my blog. I know a lot of celebrities who do. I am aware.. and I know who you are. I have been somewhat of a muse in my dreams. My dreams of the last few years have been very interesting. I have made peace with many I have exposed, and all I want to express is love and the power of divine love. Unconditional love, to all who accept it. I'm not going to force my love. I will do my best to raise the vibration of this plane(t). Do what thou wilt, as long as you are not harming others. My redefined, restated (remixed) version for Joe public. I do my best, and if you're trying, to me this is all that matters. This is my law. As long as you are trying to be a good person, that is all that is important. And that you forgive yourself. If you continue to do ill upon others, then you are intolerable and can only be loved from a distance. Because gentle spirits need to protect themselves, but we still love you and please remember that!

I don't know if it's all the hits I have gotten to my head, but this made me start crying as I wrote it. I guess I'm a big softy now with age. (And I've been drinking a bit. And I'm losing my 32). What the fuck? We all need to get over things.

So, men and women, positive and negative. Alan Watts has said in his fantastic and exceptional spoken words, that women are negative, and others have said this too. I think that women need to activate their divinity, their divine feminine. The positive traits of the galactic mother, the queen of the stars, the true mother to us all, where all loves stems. She was cloned, this is the mother earth, she had a version which became negative, this was the problem. It's not earth women's fault to a degree, they need nurturing. Unlock the divine in us all. I don't care what you have done, who you are. Even some demons want to ascend. I have talked to people who have expressed this to me. Jesus is a great role model, he is not afraid, he doesn't judge (the Jesus I know). Anyway, Jesus is an example here. Like me, like you, we are mere thought-forms, we are cut pieces from the All. Thought is something that is cut from everything. We focus on certain things, instead of seeing the larger picture; the All. You need love to create, even demons were created from love, they needed to be nurtured, this requires focus and intent. If it was negative, it still needed a strand of positivity for it to grow. Negativity is meant to die. It won't last, it never lasts. Love has won. The turning away from love and the divine light is the darkness. In darkness we can also grow. This is a way for it to justify itself and its existence, the negative aspects of the darkness though, there are different forms. Complete freedom and darkness, or blackness - as a blank canvas of space to create - this is a positive take on it. (Things, not so black and white). I like the word beyond, this is meta, this is complex forms of thinking. Don't box yourself. Love is always on your side. No fear. The images, bad thought-forms, projections (mind control) that is forced upon you is breaking the law of free will. It does break that law, it's far too intrusive now. We need a major, major overhaul, which is a purging. Purge all your past and attachments (that would be hard for some) and negativity. (Again, hard for some, easier said than done. I don't really own much anymore though).

Love has won. We need to focus on unconditional love, I feel. (And no, I don't think women are evil. I think earth women can be pretty fucked up, pardon my bluntness, and men can be also). It's a clusterfuck. Was that meta me not putting that in brackets? Yeah, maybe.

Enjoy, embrace. I need to more. I mostly sit at home and read. So, this blog has been a beautiful expression of myself, in all it's complex forms. Yeahm.

Oh yeah, and for men, love your girlfriend or wife a lot. And women eventually will forgive you. Not to speak for women, since I'm a man, just speaking from experience.

(I'm always editing my posts, as people read them. Kind of funny, they're always changing, as people read them). Hi again.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Something For Dumb


Let's make up a new name for this instead of advertising it through it's copyrighted name, how about Fatsandwich? It's a hot dog penetrating a burger patty, and the bun is obviously compensating for size. They could have used a smaller wiener instead.

Get fat as fast as you can, they could call it. For desert, bacon donuts are suggested.

So, Pokemon Go. (Picture whitheld, why bother?)

This App tracks your whereabouts and collects all your information. Do you need any other explanation why not to use this Orwellian application? You can read the agreement.

So, not like people who walk around with their attention glued to their cellphones isn't annoying enough, now people are running around outside trying to spot imaginary things with them. Oh boy. What are we going to do with these people? They need more love, they need it bad.

These Apps and gizmos people play with usually don't give them much of an impetus to bother with them for very long. These things always lose traction. Here today and gone tomorrow. I think that society has been over dumbed-down, far to the point where people can't be told what to think, they just won't think now. Is this a problem for the control system? If so, then people won't be interested in their schemes for very long, since they aren't interested in anything for too long of a time. Is this good or bad for us? The system we live in that tries to control us is going to have a hard time trying to have order over people who just don't care. Sure they have their fear-mongering. But would a full fledged totalitarian system takeover in North America stick a gun into the face of a coach potato and say; "hand over your life!" What life? They'll probably think they're on a reality TV show. No one is going to buy this shit.

Trump as a funny and racist one is taking this "reality" seriously anymore. That's political theater for you. And yay to those just getting over this whirled. But I digress now.


My dad riding a cracker. Oh wait, that isn't my dad!

Why? - Why not? Let's have a good laugh at silly things once and awhile.

What else could I have talked about? Brexit? That wasn't dumb, I found it interesting, but I still think it's premature to party over it. It's just more world drama to rope people into, but ideally I'd like to think it was the power of the word No in action. Screw U EU. Something like that.

I don't live in Britain or Europe, I don't have much of an opinion about these affairs, just that people deserve their freedom and Independence. If they want it.

And hopefully people still know what those are.

Oh yeah, it was International Day of Peace yesterday, and boy do we need it every day. Peace for one day sounds totally fascist! One day isn't enough for things. But it's still better than two minutes of hate.

Quit your job.

Friday, July 1, 2016

An Important Question About Astrology


A person from the site Quora asks: "If astrology is true, then is free will an illusion? What aspects does astrology rule or what is exactly in our control? Why does astrology predict the way we feel about past/present/future or does it predict what is about to will have/would have been manifested in our lives?"

Response by Sunny Nathani: "Ha Ha This is the great question and a very valid one let me answer from my depth of understanding.

As we Know today and from thousands of years that everything begins with thought (this how Lord Rama got enlightenment when he heard Rishi Brighu explained how soul and minds works, this is great literature every body should read). Now according to law or mechanism of mind and soul every thought we held into mind with feelings, soul starts manifesting it initially at mental level then gradually into the physical world through you, others and nature. This is how universal mind or soul works.

So from start when we are born there is a battle to conquer ourselves or our mind. Planets will give you thoughts albeit disguised as reality what ever you see around you and feel is manifestation or multiplication of your own thoughts and feeling whether it's disease or environment or whatever is happening. Do you see now when we hold thought with feeling of love, faith and gratitude with intention of materializing it, it will happen. Similarly when bad feeling and thought overpower us those too get materialize when bad feeling has reached peak.

There is more once we win the battle that is we utilize free will and choose our own thought and hold onto it until it happens. You will see that your action to materialize will be perfectly according to your own nature (which comes due to planetary position at birth time and place). Like how Mahatma Gandhi chose nonviolence because 10th house was filled with rahu+moon, moon in 10th person will always be soft, emotional and peaceful no aggression and violence and rahu also gave inaction that is not harm others even if they harm us observe how inaction is turned into most powerful action just because he won battle of his own mind with love and faith. Until people and the outside world start believing it as all is and unaware that thoughts getting formed in our mind need feelings and expectations. Some thoughts are so deep in our subconscious mind that we will be unaware of it until they manifest and they only manifested at right planetary movement.

So our free will lies in choosing thoughts and feelings and holding onto it until they are materialized.

I loved your question because same had been in my mind many months ago."

If anyone has been curious, this post is for you. Please manifest wisely and for positive results if you can.

I find that the identity given to you by your star sign is preprogrammed, and branching out and attaining an expanded identity is crucial to your growth as a spiritual being. Most people I've read on such subjects tell you to overcome ego-self and personality. I think these are gifts and we should practice good ego and keep expanding on our own uniqueness, it was a gift after all. There's this urge to merge with a collective consciousness in spirituality. We are one already, we have been and always, however we have the choice to be independent.